Legal Information

Outside General Counsel

 Provides outside general counsel services to clients on an as-needed  basis or as the permanently retained outside general counsel.  Having one person handle the legal needs for your company,  including acting as the legal coordinator  for all of  a company's legal issues insures that the company is not just putting out fires but it is actively minimizing legal issues with one legal counsel coordinating issues and creating solutions for your company.   

Joined Pete Urbani, Jr

Jeannie recently joined her father's practice.  Jeannie left Greer, Herz & Adams to join her father's practice.  Pete Urbani, Jr. was a judge in Galveston County, Texas for over 30 years, and has  been a trusted practicing lawyer for over 50 years in the City of Galveston in Galveston County, Texas.

Why you need all of the corporate documents even if a small family run company

 Yes, litigation is increasing and people are regularly piercing the corporate veil.  Just creating a limited liability company, corporation or other entity to protect you from liability is not enough to make sure there are always arm's lengths transactions to keep you and your family personally free from liability.  Following corporate formalities ensures your personal protection. 

Estate Planning

Let Jeannie set up your wills, trust and supporting documents, too.  We often get so busy running our company and taking care of our families that we forget the best way to make sure our company and family stay together is to have a plan in case of an unexpected accident.  

Locations in Galveston, Houston, & Austin

Although, Jeannie is practicing out of her Galveston office, Jeannie has offices available to help you in Houston and in Austin. Call to set up an appointment.  She can meet you to discuss your company's needs; your real estate needs; or your personal estate planning needs.

Real Estate Needs

Jeannie also specializes in Real Estate and she can help you with all of your real estate needs from the loan, liens, purchase and sale agreement, escrow agreement, leases,  local ordinances, and more.